2021: Gartner recognise SEMINE as one of the leading providers within Payable Invoice Automation Solutions

self learning

Automated data entry faster than any human with self-learning artificial intelligence

Because data entry by the machine can be verified using confidence scoring dashboards you efficiently scale your finance allowing to work with many documents in a batch. When vendors reach really high confidence you can fully automate them making them invisible with no workload.

Auto coding at both header and line level

The machine effectively identifies the header elements and match the vendor against the vendor register and any official records. Any header dimension is also automatically coded an any required dimension applied.

Semine automatically identifies if the voucher requires accruals and adds the required entries.

With an automatic sync to the ERP system the platform also understands the labels defined and auto applies them in the same process.

vendor identified
Automate double entry

Automated double entry accounting

Because the AP platform generates the posting there is no need of manual bookkeeping.

Automatically syncs with the market leaders

We have created fully syncs towards the market leaders for enterprise resource management systems and offers a full sync of all the master data such as GL accounts, VAT settings and payments.

We also offers to sync purchase orders and match the goods of receipt.

vendor identified

Automate approvals for the stakeholders in order to make payment faster

Processing time is reduced dramatically so you can claim early birds discounts from your vendors. The discount itself can often be more than our system cost itself.

monitor display

Easily setup your own automation flows

Processing time is reduced dramatically so you can claim early birds discounts from your vendors. The discount itself can often be more than our system cost itself.

tick-icon Autogrouping of line items for VAT and dimensions
tick-icon Automatic sync to ERP if full match
tick-icon Support for advanced setup of workflows
tick-icon Generate double entry
tick-icon Automatic matching of Purchase Order
tick-icon Verification of KID and other required fields
tick-icon Verify amounts and automate actions
tick-icon Verify total amount and triggers
tick-icon Check for duplicates and master data
tick-icon Verify if vendor is pre-approved
tick-icon Verify if vendor exist in official records.
tick-icon Automatically periodisation and add to balance.

And much more!

Keep everything in sync

Collaborate in the cloud

User can use mentions and effectively communicate with each other. The comments are documented as a part of the AP audit trail.

Keep everything in sync

3-way support for match of purchase orders

Any goods of receipt can be matched against the received invoice in order to automate approvals and payment.

Keep everything in sync

Make your AP a profit center

Most companies strives with long approval processes making it impossible to claim early bird discounts. Semine makes your AP a profit center.

Keep everything in sync

Automate approval routing for POs, invoices and payments

All purchase orders are separated from cost based invoices and fully automated upon match.

Keep everything in sync

Quickly find any AP document and see all workflows steps completed

Use the intuitive interfaces to quickly identify any AP invoice and see the audit trail and related comments and history.

Keep everything in sync

Easily approve and release vendor payment

As the triggers for the approvers are identified automatically the vendor payment can released as soon the approvers aknowledged using the AP approval client or mobile.

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