2021: Gartner recognise SEMINE as one of the leading providers within Payable Invoice Automation Solutions

seller based prediction

Analysing incoming vouchers

All vouchers are automatically extracted both at header and line levels and our advanced levels of predictions are applying all the coding required to automate the AP process.
No more repeated manual entry.

Our platform ships with an integrated PEPPOL e-invoice gateway. For all other formats customers can choose from various paper-smash services offered by our partners.

Vouchers are automatically sent on flow

After the invoice is fully automated in the capture and coding processed it is time for the document to gets it proper approvals based on compliance, business rules and policies. Our platform automatically triggers these based on settings configured in the automation center.

vouchers automatically

Choose the automations that suits you from our library

tick-icon Autogrouping of line items for VAT and dimensions
tick-icon Direct sync to ERP if full match
tick-icon Support for advanced setup of workflows
tick-icon Double entry accounting automation
tick-icon Automatic matching of Purchase Order
tick-icon Verification of KID and other input fields
tick-icon Verify amounts and automate actions
tick-icon Verify total amount and triggers
tick-icon Check for duplicates and master data
tick-icon Verify if vendor is pre-approved
tick-icon Verify if vendor exist in official records.
tick-icon Automatic accruals and adding to the balance sheet

Match any source at line level for a high level of automation

Full support for 3-way matching of the received purchase orders based on ready made connector or by feeding our APIs with the goods receipt notes. Any deviation can be further automated by using other automation features such as approved amount levels.

vendor identified
Automate double entry

Automate double entry accounting

After the line data has been understood and identified by the machine it will auto apply GL coding, VAT coding and other dimensions like projects and departments.
Finally it will auto generate all the manual entries that is required to fully automate double entry accounting.

Our platform scales finance and reduces actual time spent dramatically

Our self learning algorithm removes the need of re-entry by the AP specialists and bookkeepers. We enable the new business model of subscription based accounting services and make shared service senters highly effective.

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